A memoir (from French mémoire: memoria, meaning memory or reminiscence) is a collection of memories that an individual writes about moments or events, both public or private, that took place in the subject’s life.

Where it all began…

In my University, we were given a project within our Online Media and Marketing course to start up a website aka get it running, track SEO’s, and all the fancy footwork that comes with hosting your own site. Thus WET LAUNDRY V1 (version one) was born. I had a WordPress account already opened, which I primarily used for opinionated pieces. My first blogs were more to express my feelings, because writing has always been a stronger suit of mine. It made more sense to try and create a website that I would be motivated to actually work on, sort of like tricking my mind into thinking it wasn’t homework but it was 😉

I spoke with my teacher and he liked the idea of kick starting a blog; majority of students go the online sales route and pretend they are selling a product. But, nope – not me! I went creative.

With the lectures he provided, I saw my knowledge grow within the online world, but I also was intrigued to make my ‘project’ into something more than just a temporary website that I would throw away in the end. I hate the idea of wasting anything. With that desire and determination, I brainstormed about what I was passionate about – dancing, traveling, eating, wine drinking, exploring my new hometown – and tada, there were a few niches I could start focusing in on!


WET LAUNDRY’s momentum

As I started to discover what I loved to write about, it was time to start building up content in all the different areas. In order to understand the topics I have chosen, it is important to understand me in a slight scale. I promise not to ramble on.

I moved to Amsterdam a few years back, in the name of love, and it was a complete culture shock. I was afraid to even leave the house, get on a bike, or do much of anything. I basically locked myself up in the house, which made me very depressed. After a few months of battling depression, I snapped out of it with a significant push from my boyfriend. He told me to get my ass outside, get on that bike, and take myself where ever. He was right and with that small motivation, I bundled up and stepped out into the unknown.

It didn’t matter if I got lost at that point; I just wanted to feel and see something different. That sense of exploring the unknown frightened, yet excited me. Living in America all of my life, I never got the experience of being ‘abroad’ or even traveling outside of the U.S.

And now this was my shot. Within those months, I was always outside – finding new places to brunch, catch a drink, watch the sun go down – it didn’t matter what activity it was, I was trying to become more involved in my new hometown. In those moments, I was able to find a true sense of what I enjoyed doing: traveling, exploring, and writing. I took my first solo trip that same year I moved and began going on tour for dancing shortly after. In an instant, all of these phenomenal opportunities to see the world fell right into my lap.

I started the WET LAUNDRY project in January of 2016 and I never thought it would be something I would try to take more seriously. To be honest: I’m a full-time student, but I also travel frequently as a dancer on tour, and work as a freelancer, so time isn’t truly of the essence. Even on a plane back home after a strenuous tour, I would be up typing away on my keyboard of the experiences I had, thus the Ultra Angels Travel Diary was born!

No matter what life threw at me (University, dancing, working), I submerged myself in my blog by working hard to build up a following, going to openings, and writing constantly. But, the more I was doing these things, the more I realized my passion for writing was disappearing. I never wanted to become the “quit my job and travel the world blogging” gal, so what was my motive then?

WET LAUNDRY’s rebirth…

So now we come to the new and improved WET LAUNDRY, aka version 2!

I stopped blogging around February of 2017, only one year of blogging under my belt. I went to clear my mind for a few months and focus on my new purpose with WET LAUNDRY. While speaking with friends, they reminded me that I’ve got a personality to lead and to be completely honest with you all, I’ve always wanted to create a business.

With my passion in social media strong, combined with my studies, and my work in the freelancing field as a social media manager, I thought, why not make my focus in this industry?! Call it my light bulb moment, but I finally feel as if I’ve found my niche.

WET LAUNDRY version two, for all your branding, online marketing, community management, and consultation needs. 🙂

XO, Jordyn

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